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Monday, September 2, 2013

Stacy Verdick Case – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About A Luring Murder

10 Things You Didn’t Know About A Luring Murder

by: Stacy Verdick Case

Every author has a few dirty little secrets about each book they’ve worked on. Here are a few facts about my latest release:

1) A Luring Murder wasn’t supposed to be the second book in the Catherine O’Brien series. It wasn’t until fans demanded to know what happened on vacation that A Luring Murder was written.

2) A Luring Murder was initially supposed to be a short story.

3) The setting for A Luring Murder is based on a real resort in central Minnesota, where the author’s in-laws own a cabin.

4) Several of the more eccentric characters who populate the story are based on real people.

5) The story about a spider crawling out of boot really happened to the author who is terrified of spiders.

6) The Fish Fry Feeding Frenzy in A Luring Murder really happens every year though it’s not called a Feeding Frenzy.

7) The dog that Catherine’s husband adopts in the story caused a minor problem for the author since he didn’t appear in subsequent books.

8) A Luring Murder is dedicated to the author’s late Father-in-Law.

9) The cover art for A Luring Murder was the author’s brainchild. She took a photo of a real lure pulling over a coffee cup and sent it to the art department.

10) The character of Digs was given a much larger part in A Luring Murder because of the amount of feedback on the character from fans of A Grand Murder. Digs was even given his own “day in the life” story when the paperback was released.

Stacy Verdick Case is the author of the Catherine O’Brien mystery series. Her latest A Luring Murder is available now as an Audiobook download.

A Luring Murder

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