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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ty Johnson-Anderson's Thoughts on #Writing a Book to Inspire a Movement @invisible_soror

So often people get so engulfed in whatever it is that’s ailing them they begin to partition off from the world like a three-year-old child building a seat cushion fort.
They peek out from a makeshift peephole, only to quickly retreat back to the cushiness of the velvety darkness.
In their minds, they are alone.
In that fort no one else exists, regardless of the stirrings they hear on the outside of it.
I lived in that fort for years; playing with my pink glittered ponies by flashlight.  Going out to venture into the real world only to go home to what felt oh-so-good but in reality was dark and dismal.
I’d like to think that whatever happens in your life occurs for a reason.
You may not know the exact reason, but sooner or later it will rear its beautiful face.
And my shadowy past left invisible scars that still plague me to this day.
However, my story is unfortunately not unlike any other.
And that’s exactly my point.
When I wrote, The Invisible Sorority:  Surviving being a Survivor of Intimate Partner Sexual Assault, I had a vision of reaching out to other women that endured my pain, creating a sistership of love and understanding.
If I touch just one person it will have been worth it. Just one person makes a difference.
My book was written to create a movement, one I have dubbed the I Am Not Invisible movement. The movement seeks to ask women to step out of the shadows of shame to help usher other women into healing from sexual abuse.
To be honest, when I started this movement, I did not fully think it through. I started it as a way to heal my soul, but through the movement I’ve touched so many women in such a short time.
It only takes one person to affect change.
That one person can be and SHOULD be you.
The world needs your voice.
Right now someone is yearning for your knowledge. Seeking to start a business, looking to heal from abuse, wanting to start a movement, or whatever your expertise may be.
The first step would be to align yourself with an ideal that suits your voice. For me it was sexual assault, for you it can be how you started your own successful Etsy shop.
My advice would be to not go in it for the money; the thought of finances will consume any good you could possibly do.
Try to fill a void if you can.
At times I thought to myself, there are so many other organizations doing what I wish to do, stating everything I already want to say.
But you have to remember, every voice is unique.  Your voice may be the one voice that can rise above the noise for someone.
You have to go with your gut.
You have to move forward, and stand on your convictions no matter what others say.
Remember, all it takes is one person. All it takes is you.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
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