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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#Scandal #Excerpt How the English Establishment Framed Stephen Ward by Caroline Kennedy

There was a new burst of speculation in Fleet Street. In his press statement after his letter to the Home Secretary Stephen Ward had concluded, 'I have been persecuted in a variety of ways, causing damage not only to myself but also to my friends and patients - a state of affairs which I propose to tolerate no longer.' Since almost every Fleet Street editor now believed that the stories circulating about Christine Keeler and Profumo were true, Ward's statement gave them heart. They need run no risk themselves. All they had to do was wait for Ward to blow the scandal wide open.

But Ward disappointed them. Although he threatened to tell all, he never did. Perhaps he decided it was by now a useless gesture - the damage had been done. His practice had been ruined and he faced financial hardship. His friends, except for a small group who remained loyal to the end, had started to distance themselves from him. He was virtually a prisoner in his flat: if he went to visit anyone he risked being followed by the police who would then interview the person he had visited. Ward told friends he still had faith in the British sense of fair play and although the outlook was grim at the moment he was sure that eventually his name would be cleared.

Ward would have been less confident had he known that the political side of the affair was rapidly approaching it's climax and that when it occurred, far from clearing his name, it would make his position even more intolerable.
How The English Establishment Framed
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Genre – Politics, Espionage, Scandal
Rating – PG-16
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