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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lori Lesko on Happiness & Why She Writes @LeskoLori #AmWriting #AmReading #Thriller

What makes you happiest?
Always finishing the first draft of a book, or when someone tells me they really enjoyed what I wrote.
What’s your greatest character strength?
I’m very stubborn, especially when someone tells me that I can’t do something.
What’s your weakest character trait?
I constantly compare myself to other writers.
Why do you write?
It’s a form of therapy for me.  I get to tell all the crazy stuff that’s in my head and leave it on the page. I find that once I write about something that’s bothering me, it no longer upsets me.
What are you most proud of in your personal life?
I completed my first novel and wrote a screenplay.
What books did you love growing up?
I loved Stranger in a Strange Land, Dune, and Fahrenheit 451- Lots of Science Fiction books.
Who is your favorite author?
I have two, Stephen King and Gillian Flynn
What book genre of books do you adore?
Psychological Thrillers
What book should everybody read at least once?
To Kill a Mockingbird
Is there any books you really don’t enjoy?
I’m not crazy about paranormal novels anymore.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get it mostly from my imagination, life experiences and from reading other books.

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