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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kevin Sterling on What Motivates Him to Write @KsterlingWriter #AmWriting #Mystery #Suspense

  1. What motivates you to write? So many things, really.  But the biggest inspiration is the prospect of bringing joy and entertainment to other people’s lives. The author/reader connection is incredibly intimate, and it’s thrilling to share that with so many people. Then there’s the creative process of forming stories, inventing characters and bringing it all to life through fun writing, all of which gets me so excited that I can hardly wait to get to my study every morning.  I know, in my heart, that it’s truly what I’m meant to do.
  2. What writing are you most proud of? Definitely my Jack Lazar Series, which will initially consist of 10 books, all of which I’ve already mapped out. After that, we’ll see what the fans want. People can check out the first six covers and storylines at my website:
  3. Tell us about your family.  When it comes to family, I consider myself truly blessed. First and foremost, I married my beautiful soul mate, and my writing career would not be possible without her consultation, love and support. I also adore her entire family, and I have it on good authority that they like me, too! I have a fantastic son, whose life mission is to do his part to help the world, and my mother is a sweet, loving person to whom I am very close. My father was born and raised in Germany, but he met my mother in Amarillo, Texas when he was a high school exchange student. His father (my grandfather) was a senator in Germany before the Nazis took over; and once they did, he refused to cooperate with them. So he picked up the family and moved to a town called Kiel on the Baltic Sea where he worked with the underground against Hitler. There are streets and monuments all over Germany to honor him.
  4. How do you work through self-doubts and fear?  That’s an easy answer – meditation. Fear and self-doubt are products of the ego, and they arise when we lose connection with our higher self. Meditation helps us regain that connection, and it opens up the paths to creativity, too! But I think it’s also important to point out here that indie publishing is HARD, and there are a hundred reasons to quit for every one reason to stick with it. But sticking with it, especially when things look bleak and discouraging is exactly what successful indie authors have done. If you’re a good writer creating books that people want to read, work with a crackerjack editor who helps you polish them in to solid works, and invest the requisite time and creativity on marketing, it’s just a matter of time (and a backlist of books) before you reach success.
  5. What makes you the happiest? My first thought is spending time with the people I love, which is absolutely true. But I must admit that the release day of each of my books was pretty darn fantastic. The amount of work to make that happen is huge, and there are so many times throughout the process when you just don’t think you’re going to make it, as any published author will tell you, so the feeling of accomplishment is just incredible.
  6. What’s your greatest character strength? Probably my ability to remain calm and lucid in difficult situations. My family and friends regard me as someone they can come to for advice and strength when they need it the most, and it always makes me feel good to help them.
  7. What’s your weakest character trait? Definitely my inflated ego, but I’m really working on it. I swear!
  8. What are you most proud of in your personal life? My son, Preston. He completed both his undergraduate and law degrees in a fraction of the usual timeframe and now serves the people at the Texas State Capitol, earning a much lower income than he would have made at a law firm. He truly cares about others and is dedicated to helping the world, and I am so proud of him for all of that.
  9. What books did you love growing up? My favorite book back then was Airport by Arthur Haley. I’ve always been an airplane and travel fanatic and had the unique opportunity to spend many of my summers in Europe growing up. So reading about all the intricacies of commercial aviation in combination with Haley’s gripping story really hit my buttons. I also ate up every single James Bond novel by Ian Fleming.
  10. Who is your favorite author? That is so hard to say because I appreciate different things about so many authors. But if I had to pick one, perhaps it would be John Grisham. He does a great job of building a complex story while writing in a style that is quick and easy to read, and I do my best to emulate that style in my own writing. Like Grisham, I want readers to feel like things are speeding along, that they’re not getting bogged down with excessive details, and it won’t take long to reach a resolution to the suspense keeping them on the edge. But then, there’s always something else to take its place! Otherwise, what’s the point in turning the page?
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    "James Bond Meets Fifty Shades of Grey"

    Immerse yourself in the world class novels that combine action, mystery & suspense with tantalizing and tastefully written erotica. You’ll find all your sensibilities roused at once with Kevin Sterling’s ultra-sexy, action-packed Jack Lazar Series.

    In this fourth action-packed thriller, Jack travels to Denmark for a business venture, but what seems to be a textbook transaction turns into a nightmare after he gets involved with Katarina, a vivacious Danish girl who apparently lacks a moral compass, not to mention an off button. After naively believing their liaison was just a random encounter, Jack discovers she’s connected to his business deal, and there’s a dangerous political group with skin in the game, too.

    Katarina makes a convincing case of being a victim, not part of the conspiracy, but can Jack really trust her?

    The firestorm gets out of control as Jack digs deeper, unearths the convoluted plot behind it all, and discovers that innocent people are being heartlessly killed. He’s not only horrified by the reason why it’s happening, but how it’s being done, and there appears to be no way to stop it from occurring again.

    Then the scheme’s real objective emerges, launching Jack into action with intelligence operatives to prevent it. But that’s not so easy with assassins on Jack’s tail, forcing him to struggle for survival while trying to prevent Katarina from getting caught in the crossfire.

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