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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shaking Behind the Microphone by Jill Ammon Vanderwood @JillPickle11 #AmReading #NonFiction #TBR

     Three out of every four people suffer from the fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia. That’s 75%. More people are afraid of public speaking than death, snakes, heights, or confined places. This fear wasn’t developed overnight and can’t be cured overnight. Information from

I have suffered from fear of public speaking for all of my youth and most of my adult life.  When I was looking for a book dealing with the fear of public speaking, I couldn’t find a book that would outline this fear and show me how others were dealing with it.

I have complied a book that combines my own story along with firsthand accounts from those who suffer, those who have overcome this fear and expert advice about dealing with this crippling phobia.  This book is my gift to all those who suffer.

I have always felt that a person can accomplish anything, if they have a strong desire for change.  On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your life the way it is, and don’t have the desire to change, then perhaps this book is not for you.

I wish the reader all the success in the world and hope that you will soar in the public speaking arena.

A portion of this books proceeds are donated to Jr. Achievement
Do you suffer from the fear of public speaking? You are not alone. In the book, Shaking Behind the Microphone: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking, Jill Vanderwood shares her story of being terrified to speak in public. She now speaks to groups and teaches workshops without fear. You will read about others who struggle with this common fear; those who had a choice to either learn public speaking or risk losing their job. Learn tips from experts; read about kids who learned public speaking at an early age, and stories from performers who tell others how to perform without fear. You will also acquire untraditional solutions for overcoming fear and anxiety. Taking steps toward overcoming the fear of public speaking will put you on the road to living a better life.

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Rating – PG
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